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The owner of the B&B. Nice Guy. The boat is straight and no dings on the side and the hull has a few scratch but nothing serious.
The thru hull on the bottom is not bent, just the angle of the photo.
The bowl cleaner took the muck off the bottom with relative ease and a little getting shiznit on ya. Someone in another thread don't use anything with bleach or something like that. Not sure the reason. If you look at the fins you can see the difference.
So got the steering cable swapped out. I tied a rope to after I pulled the engine cover and back hatch over the drive shaft. Raked my knuckles pretty good but its beats a $125 an hour at the dealer plus their $180 for the cable. I paid $115 to my door step. So the new one looks exactly the same but no goo. I used black tape and taped the whole end very well so that Didn't nick the shaft that moves in and out the the cable, the fiberglass is good at nicking and scratching so be careful!!Once I had in tape I had the cable stretched the length of the boat. I didn't what to kink or force this though. It went though very easily except at the beginning where it needed to drop through the hole next to the ski locker but with a little finesse it went through. Only a couple hour to do the whole process. Then once I got it through everything got greased and new bolts. The old bolts had a lot of wear from not being tight. they were very sloppy. Also added a bushing in the read on the rudder where the cable attaches to the weird connector. Sorry no pics. If you do a DIY inspect that. I am positive their should be much play and should turn smoothly. After install, I can turn my wheel with one finger.
This is an '03 X-9
Next this is fixing the wire ends on the speedo. I see the wires are rotted out. not sure if and cut and splice or try and replace connectors. Don't know if they are used with Perfect Pass which I don't have.
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