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Originally Posted by FourFourty View Post
It is funny. We have been over this before. When I was quoted for my 2012, it was a $3400.00 difference in real dollars..... I think the MSRP difference was $4500 or $4700ish. (About 7k more than the 5.7l) I can't remember exactly. And then, some of the guys who were ordering 13s, said it was a $6k difference!! For 6k, I would have ordered my '12 with a 6.0l. Being as it was $3400, I went with the 6.2l. Although, who knows, I ordered a 7.4l in my new boat, and certainly didn't need it. That motor is 10k over the 5.7 in real dollars. I think the MSRP over the 5.7 was 14k

The new star is pretty heavy, and I didn't want to go backwards on lbs/hp. Probably a waste of money though.

From a towboat standpoint, the 6.0 will rip you out of the water just as well. You will simply lose 7-10MPH on the top end, is all. An X30 with a 6.2l will likely do 50mph, and probably 42-43mph with a 6.0l. Most inboard owners wouldn't care about that at all. The fuel mileage is nice in the 6.2l..... But you are right. 6k is not worth it.
The option sheet on my 2012 X45 showed the 7.4L as a $20k option.
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