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i am looking for some input on a new to slalom also so i thought i would jump in this thread. ive got an obrien evedince, around 2007 i think? was a gift from dad and i dont even know the length. only boat ive been able to ski behind for a long time is an X-30 and that is not any fun. i now have access to a smaller boat to ski behind and want a new ski. i never really liked the obrien, it seems to heavy and hard to cut at higher speeds (that may just be me). im 5'10" and weigh 185, ski at 28-30, not looking to spend more than about 400 and skill level would be intermediate now, but should progress quickly. i think i was pretty good back in the day!!

i have not kept up with any advances on slaloms so i am not sure if i should look at good old or cheaper new to hit my price range.

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