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Originally Posted by gruvnfunk View Post
I need to get a bow and cockpit cover and do not know whether I should go with Sunbrella or Top Gun. I understand that Sunbrella is more breathable and Top Gun is virtually waterproof. This will primarily be used to cover the boat at mooring. I have a full cover I would use for trailering if the bow and ****-pick cover is not recommended for trailering.

If I went with Top Gun I would have to make sure I got vents to ensure the boat would dry out with the cover on it.

...I set up an appointment with an installer that uses Top Gun so I am hoping that is a good choice.

I was also thinking about going with black so that it would help evaporate the water on the cover and in the boat quicker.

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I have a black cover that came with the boat. I would never choose a black cover as it really cooks the boat when in direct sunlight on a hot day = 99.999% of our summer days.
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