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Originally Posted by ColoradoSkier View Post
A lot to digest, so I'll see if I can encapsulate what I've read:

PS205v - not a great hull for choppy water and maybe a little small
X30 - great size and surfing capabilities, but not a skier
X10 - maybe the best bet in my price range because of the deeper hull (based on the Maristar) is okay on chop and a decent skier.

The post about the Maristar made me laugh because that boat is identical to my in-laws boat (also the reason I've been trying to buy our own boat). I know that's a good boat, but I cannot pull into my driveway with the same boat as my wife's parents (and pay about the same as they did 6 years ago for it).

Am I interpreting all of this correctly so far?
I think you have it right. You would have to increase your budget by over $10K to have more options IMO. Which would get you close to a pickle fork X2. X15 and new style X10 and X30 probably fit all of your wants, but are close to or over double your budget.

You don't need to say any more about the family dynamics...been there and get it.
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