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Originally Posted by 46Chief View Post
I wasn't referring to the ECM, I was referring to the MMDC. It's my understanding that if your boat has analog gauges then you they will not process the digital signal from the MMDC.

After talking with someone at Barr Marine/EDM and FL Inboards about using a PCM repower. the engines they sell will send analog and digital signals but it will be a trial and error process where you just have to plug it in and pray it works, then troubleshoot and start hanging expensive parts to see if that solves your problem.

I should make a disclaimer in my signature, even though I am a licensed technician and have the skills to keep your turbine engine from killing you, I am just getting my feet wet on modern EFI marine systems and am just relaying you what I think I've learned over the last few months.
That's what I meant when I wrote about not using digital gauges- if it's less expensive/hassle to re-do the digital ones, it may be easier to go with analog. The problem with the digital gauge system is that they're very sensitive to bad grounding. Hoping and praying they'll work is the hassle I'm referring to.
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