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Im not a computer expert, so I wont be trying to "print" my own AR. Im not a machinist, so again i wont be trying to "build" my own AR. Point being, and thats why I shared the link is that its interesting what people come up with to "acquire" something that is banned or about to be banned. Personally if I was a collector, I would prefer it to be an original Armalite or an early model Colt, not a knockoff. As a sportsperson, there is no way i would choose that for my collection, other than a novelty. I understand the 2nd ammendment and i dont have a problem with people owning one, however it definately would not be in my top 10 weapons of choice. Back to the intent of the forum, its apparent that people are paying big bucks for What about in 5 or 10 years? I remember the ban on high capacity magazines and how much they were selling for. They have come down in price significantly. I think that when this craze wears off that the market will be flooded and parts as well as full rifles will be piced reasonably and will be for now??? Happy hunting.
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