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Handling chop on Powell and finding a good ski boat are two opposites.

The bigger, and more of a "V" shape to the boat, the better it will be on the rougher water. And these boats are typically larger inside as well. However, their skiing performance is suffered. If you are going to be upset with the ski wake each time you take a larger boat out, you need to decide what is the priority (and I'm guessing the larger boat for family/Powell will win). However, there are some larger boats that ski decent....I'm just not familiar with the differences in the X2/X30/X???

I love skiing behind my 205 but it does not do well on the open water.....but I don't mind, and I work with it. If at all possible, once you start narrowing down the specific model of boat, you do need to ski behind it to be sure you are satisfied.

You are more than welcome to ski behind my boat to get an idea of an excellent ski wake (if you live in the Denver/COS area). But mine is the 205....not the 205V. Still a smaller boat and I don't think the 205 DD is on your "short list".

I also have 3 girls and it's a great move! Even though water is difficult here in Colorado, it's worth the family time and I highly recommend it!
- Jeff

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