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Thanks a ton

I found the same results as your stated above with the cleaners. I chose the Vinyl sauce after years of the of the Babes and Exquisite (which I didn't mention because its no longer available, but it was by far my fav) once i tried it. It worked great for me and make wipedowns a cinch. I will agree for sure tho that the the 303 gets to the stitching a bit better, but I just prefered the cleaning power of the Vinyl sauce on the vinyl. I use the Totally Awesome when the threads really need a good scrub anyways.

The only thing I will add to the protectants that you have not experienced yet is that once the 303 gets wet for the first time, even after being buffed good, it does get slimy. That greasy feel will come back when water hits it. It eventually wears off, but the first couple times it can be slick. It also takes the longest to fully dry and set in of the ones you used. It does however give the best shine and showroom gloss look as you mentioned. It also gives the highest UV protection rate IIRC and keeps the shine the longest from my experience , but the slimy feel on the front end is the turn off for me and why I go with Boat Bling's Conditioning Sauce over the 303. I wouldn't say the Boat Bling Conditioning Sauce is any better or worse than the Babes Seat Saver. I think they perform and feel almost identical to the touch. I just do the Boat Bling Conditioning Sauce because I prefer the Vinyl Sauce over Babes Seat Soap as a daily cleaner/wipedown for vinyl and Boat Bling's Hot Sauce over the Babes Boat Bright for after outing wipedowns so one stop shopping is great..

Thanks again for the write up. Never thought of listing all my trials and tribulations. Good to know they match up pretty well with yours for sure

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