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I will upload pictures tomorrow. Below is my brief findings

First off I would say my seats had heavy dirt and grim build up.

3rd Babes seat soap- Best smelling, least aggressive of the three. Might be my everyday cleaner. Left the seats feeling the "smoothest". If your boat is new and are looking for an everyday cleaner buy Babe's. It smells the best and was pretty easy to whip off to a level of no residue. The down side is not enough horsepower to clean deep grim and dirt.

2nd 303 vinyl and fabric cleaner. At first this was my favourite. It worked the best on the white stitching. I found that I used less of the product compared to the other two. It also left the least residue (which may be a benefit to some). I found it worked well on the dash and other hard parts. Overall I was very pleased with this product and would buy this again. This product gave great results but needed more work then then the Vinyl Sauce

1st Vinyl Sauce- I would NOT say that this product blew away the 303 but in my experence it worked the best on spot removal and overall cleaning. I found the 303 did a better job on the white stitching but the vinyl sauce was the best overall.

So here is what I did to clean the boat

step 1- 303 cleaner with brush focusing on the stitching.
step 2- 303 cleaner with microfiber
step 3- Vinyl Sauce with brush.
step 4- Vinyl sauce with microfiber


I found it hard to tell the difference between the 3. They all have benefits. All great products.

3rd- Lexol Vinlyex- This product gave the best natural feel. Almost no residue. I feel that this product would be the best at not attracting dust. I want to give this product another try. It might be a great product for steering wheels and dash boards.

2nd- Babes Seat Saver- Like the smell. Makes the seats feel the softest. A little bit to much residue but I was also running low on microfiber towels so I couldn't give it a good buff after. Overall if you want your boat to smell like a strip club buy Babe's products. If my boat was brand new and I was only doing light cleaning. Babes would be the one for me. Once I get the boat to the level I want I may very well switch to babes for everyday cleaning. I just love the smell reminds me of my other favourite place.......

1st 303 Areospace Protectant- To me it seamed to have a slight cleaning action. It really made the colours pop. At first I found it to greasy but after about 30 mins of drying time it looked great and left the seats soft to the touch. I buffed the seats again after about 45 mins of drying time and the seats looked awesome and felt even better.

I am going to order some Malco product and give it a try. There is no local Totally awesome distributor in my area.

Cant wait to keep cleaning.
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