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You have to make a decision pretty early here what sort of things you want the boat to do.

The early 205 open bow direct drive boats are what you'd want if you plan on skiing and doing other stuff (who doesn't).

Once you start looking V-Drive it just won't be as nice of a ski boat.

878 hours doesn't scare me - but you could view that as a negotiation point on the pricing, it isn't "low hours" but it isn't terribly high either, Michigan has a fairly long ski season, atleast memorial day through labor day - and you can stretch that front and back on some lakes quite a bit.

50+ hours a season is not unreasonable particularly if you trailer to the lake and use it all day, so that 500 hours '97 could become 800 hours in just a few years use.

My read from the lake I've spent the most time on.

Maristars seldom have towers installed, they are usually seen pulling tubes, or kids wobbling around on combo skis while dad drives in a big circle and does no one any favors.

Prostars usually have a skier who gets up and cuts side to side on one ski, or occasionally some people doing other stuff, but also rarely with a tower.

Resale wise I feel like the prostar 205 will always have a buyer looking for a DD ski boat with an open bow for family, they may have to drive from out of state, it may take some haggling to get it sold, but the buyer is there somewhere.

The Maristar I've never felt any draw to the boats, cosmetically or functionally, so I'm sure someone is out there shopping for em, I just always assume it is someone who wants a tube included in the sale.
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