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Originally Posted by swatguy View Post
will do. Thanks for the heads up
pun received! i kid

i was reading through this thread and at risk of drumming up a ton of hatred... i don't wear a helmet... never have... won't make fun of anyone for wearing one tho... they personally are cumbersome and distracting for me... maybe i haven't found the right fit yet... anyways that was my preface statement...

from my experience (in some cases limited) with water sports some just leave you more succeptible to injury/head injury than others... all are risky to a point and there's more war/injury stories out there than can be imagined but... we were in an in depth converstaion over coors light and came to a conclusion that sports like ski jumping/wakeboarding where you leave the water are more likely to leave you injured... footing and slalom you rarely leave the water... the fall into the water at any speed and the "plugging" effect is what makes injuries more likely b/c remember: "speed won't hurt you but the acceleration will kill you"... its the sudden stop when you plug into the added resistance of the water that gets you where in some sports youre more likely to skip or tumble if for just a moment will make all the difference in reducing the acceleration (in a negative direction for those who have been through a few physics classes)... so it seems reasonable to me that you'd be lees likely to come across the issue on a slalom course than at a wakeboarding comp
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