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$1200 bucks? That included materials and everything? High end materials?

I just spoke with my local upholstery shop.. initially we talked about me taking all the interior components out and bring them to their shop. So the price of $3500 means I still have to do a lot labor on my own...

Well after I confronted them with the price quote of $3500 bucks.. they quickly changed their tune and said they would do ALL the labor.. just bring them the boat.....hmmph.. getting annoyed with them..

I may just be giving Viper a call...

$3500 bucks for a 19ft CB boat is ridiculous...IMHO...

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Don't know if you saw my earlier message, but I had my 190 closed bow completely re-uphosltered for $1,200. Included building 3 custom new cushions for my rear seat, and new foam in a few of the seats as well.
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