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I got one funny one and one not so funny one .

Tossed out of a car at around 50-70 mph in a drug deal gone bad and run completely over by the car ......still here to tell the story so I am all good. Tore up my shoulder pretty, good fractured some teeth, had crazy road rash and tire marks imprinted in my shins from the bad guys Mercedes S500. Talk about a crazy ride. He is currently in prison for 23yrs for attempt murder to a police officer.

Last year at Disney I was in the "surf wave" pool at Typhoon Lagoon. Didn't realize it was a surf wave pool originally. We got there when park opened. First time there. Have my 7 and 5 yr old girls with me in each arm. They wanna go to the front since they have been in a ton of wave pools already. We are just thinking normal wave pool. Well I hear the bell ring, alarm go off and a WOOOOSH! that sounded like a freight train and here comes a huge I would say 6-8ft surf wave right at us while they are in their innertubes. I freak try and grab them wave hits me and I apparently suffer a double sports hernia doung the splits on the bottom holding on to them. Off for surgery. Their smiles were worth every minute of surgery tho. They loved it

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