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Price for interior complete redo - FYI

Hey Guys,

I just got a few price estimates for a complete new interior for my '97 PS190. I won't list the shop that gave me a quote.. but I think it would be okay to post up the cost estimates. I'm curious what others are paying?

Keep in mind.. I'm not doing the work myself.. I'm under the impression that I will need to bring them the interior components to them and they will install the new skins

Anyway, the quote I got for all new (14)skins, installed was ~$3490.00

I also got a quote to replace/fix just the items that need replacing...1.) the driver seat cushion and 2.)the gull wing door only. Just those two fixes... (if they can match the colors) is estimated to cost $650.00 to repair. I'm concerned they won't be able to match the color good enough for me to be happy.

So any thoughts? Feed back? I've gotten prices for just the skins from the shop everyone talks about on the forum located in Tennessee ? I forget the name? Jim? Anyway, he gave me a cost of ~$1600 just for the skins...

I feel the $3500 price is about $400 bucks too much...just my .02 cts...
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