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Babe's seat soap VS 303 Vinyl Cleaner VS Vinyl Sauce

Our new to us 2009 Mastercraft has arrived after a 2500 miles journey from Texas to Ottawa Ontario then to Fredericton NB. It was shrink wrapped in Texas but the interior is still in need of a good clean.

Up until this point I have only used basic automotive type cleaners on past boats. I took the plunge and bought all the popular products discussed on this website.

I am going to use the back sun pad as my proving ground. I will post pictures tomorrow of before, during and after.

Below is what I plan to do.

Each product will have its own pad (back sun pad left, centre and right). I will attempt to also understand the time needed for each product to work IE if you have 2 minuites to clean the whole interior what is the best product, or what product is best if you want to spend all day just cleaning one area.

1st. 2 min per panel per product.

2nd 5 min per panel per product.

3rd MCOCD 10 min per panel. Focusing on sticking.

I will then attempt to find the best product and clean the other 2 panels with it.

Part 2 Vinyl protectors

303 AEROSPACE VS. Babes seat saver VS Lexol Vinylex

Similar test to the vinyl cleaners.

Please feel free to comment and give suggestions.
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