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Originally Posted by ORSkier View Post
I was out this weekend enjoying the first nice weekend in Oregon on my X7 with my 2 year old son as my first mate, and had to get towed back to the launch, BUMMER. Anyhow, we were on the water for several hours just cruising the river and stopping every so often to relax. Toward the end of the day, after a stop, the boat wouldn't start. I cranked just fine and had enough fuel. Any thoughts on why it might not be working? Could it be the fuel filter or fuel pump? I just thought it was weird that the boat was working fine and then just wouldn't start back up.
Time to bare your soul and tell us what you know about engines and troubleshooting. Did you look inside of the flame arrester, to see if any fuel was being delivered to the throttle body? Did you check for spark? What about popped breakers?
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