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Originally Posted by 46Chief View Post
I was seriously considering that 05 motor, be aware it is not a drop in solution. For a boat as old as the xstar or mine. It has a digital throttle control and you will need to buy a $1000.00 control harness from Mastercraft to make it work. You will also have to buy a set of digital gauges and a new computer to xmit the proper signals, I determined that 3k engine is looking like it will be approaching 5k by the time I buy just the parts and get it shipped to my garage, then comes the challenge of getting the wiring schematics from Indmar, to try and adapt the harness and get everything to play nicely. I'd hate to see what a dealer would charge for all that r&d

Here is the number for EDM give them a call and they can explain what you are up against. They are an indmar sister company. 866-255-9265.
Why replace the ECM when it can be reprogrammed (or, were you referring to the controllers for the gauges?)? As far as gauges, analog work fine- if you don't want digital, don't use them.
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