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Can a bent strut be straitened?

Hi Guys,

Bent the prop, shaft and strut on the weekend, want to know if the strut can be straitened. I know the prop can, and the shaft should be able to but cheap enough to replace, but how is the strut straitened?

The propshaft used to turn easily with my fingers and now takes two hands. I removed the prop, and took the 4 bolts from the coupling to remove shaft assuming it was the bent shaft causing the issue, and the coupling pulled about 40mm (1.5 inches) off center so it seems the strut is also bent.

Besides the challenges with my engine at the moment we took the boat out for a run on the weekend and hit a submerged object. Depth guage showed over 2 meters (7-8 feet) depth and I had stoped to pick up a skier so at idle. Prop hit and stalled the motor.

Very little dammage to prop although 1 blade is slightly bent and will be sent for repairs so I did not expect shaft to be dammaged, let alone bend the strut.
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