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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
I'm late to the party on this and did not read the entire conversation. So if this has already been covered I'm sorry for a repeat.

It has been my experience that, if you remove the hose coming from the valve cover you must have a breather type vent. It allows the crank case to ventilate and if you close it off you will create a ton of back pressure that will sure blow out some seals. A lot of times those breather caps with no hose will spew out oil at higher RPMs.

Yes, if the flame areestor has a vent, you must replace it with one with a vent. You should replace with the same kind.

I got the slim down version without the vent as this replaces the one that was on the LT1 originally.

K&N 59-5020 K&N Flame Arrestor
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