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Originally Posted by SkiDaddy View Post
You might want to check out automotive internet forums for vehicles that use the same engine as yours and then search those sites for similar problems. Maybe something like and there are a bunch of others.

Aside from you checking the fuel pressure with the dodgy gauge, have you done anything else with the fuel system? To me it seems like you've kind of ignored the fuel system so far. I think that some of the 5.7L Vortec engines needed around 50-60 psi for fuel pressure.....are you 100% sure that 30 psi is what this engine needs? I don't know the answer, just throwing out some ideas.

Cheers & good luck!
Thanks Mate, I have been looking at the other forums for similar issues, some have been helpfull, most not because it seems the issue might be specific to the Indmar electrics.

The workshop manual states 30 PSI for fuel which is what we are measuring. We have also used both the origional and the new injectors with no change. Dismantled and checked fuel pressure regulator - seems fine. Fuel lines not kinked and pressure ok with neither set of injectors changing the issue means we crossed this one off the list.
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