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Well, after having the boat for almost a year, I finally got around to sanding down the platform. The previous owner had some type of brown stain/paint that was quite thick and you almost couldn't see the grain through the paint. Plus it was as slick as snot from a habanero pepper eating contest when wet. Just the raw sanded teak looks better than it did with the older paint on it. As a bonus, I finally found a reason to use the little thin finger attachment for my hand sander that I've had for 10 years. That thing worked pretty good to get the edges between the slats.

So now a little more sanding and then probably hit it with the linseed oil / mineral spirt blend. Looking forward to seeing how it looks in a week or two!!!

The brackets are aluminum and painted black. The paint is chipping off and I'm thinking of stripping the paint and then polishing the alumimum and then hitting it with some clear. Anyone ever try that before? Might look good. Either that, or will paint them black again.
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