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Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
As a guy operating a my own business, I deal with credit cards often. As soon as I process the order, I destroy the CC number. On the rare occasion, I have to call back for the number again if there was a processing issue or if I fat-fingered the number. I rather err on the side of customer safety and would hope that your order was handled in the same manner.

Nice work on the trailer.
Ummm, yea. I didn't like to hear after a few days to call back and hear the guy say "he probably lost it so could he get it again". And, if fact, I gave him two was a $100 rebate card I wanted to use up and the remaining on my standard, debit card. He lost both numbers. THAT, I didn't like at all.....

He eventually couldn't even get the rebate card to work so I decided to go ahead and get the 4 LED tail lights from SkiDim. Of course, that worked without a hitch and saw it a few days later.

With Pacific Trailer, it literally took a week and a half to get the order placed. I called so many times the guy felt bad and overnighted the parts to me (however when I saw it I didn't see the "free" shipping charge anymore. Saw an additional $14 or so).

Just in time for the snow storm last weekend.
- Jeff

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