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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
Well, after several calls to finally get the order placed, the parts finally showed up. Let's just say keep the order simple and do it online if possible. Because I wanted to swap out the SS mainline for the Poly line, I had to talk to someone in person. After providing my card once (and then he lost it), I called back and had to provide it again. Not a good feeling.

Anyways, I received everything and it was kinda a mixed bag.

I would of thought some of pieces would be the same length but the two long ones (for the axle were different lengths). I just had to be a little creative on the layout.

As a guy operating a my own business, I deal with credit cards often. As soon as I process the order, I destroy the CC number. On the rare occasion, I have to call back for the number again if there was a processing issue or if I fat-fingered the number. I rather err on the side of customer safety and would hope that your order was handled in the same manner.

Nice work on the trailer.

Your choice 14" - 5 lug trailer wheels
$79 Each - Free Shipping

ST205/75R14 Kenda Loadstar radial trailer tire
$94 Each - Free Shipping

PM or email me for package pricing.
LED trailer lights, Hubs, Spare Tire Carriers, Chrome & Powder Coated Lug Nuts

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