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So I worked on aligning the motor, I did so by removing the seal, and putting the new shaft in place, I attached the coupler to the tranny. Once I had it pretty dang close, I put the seal back on, and went on attaching the coupler to the shaft. I ran into an issue, the threads on my shaft must be too long, the staff touches the input shaft on the transmission and the couplers don't touch. What's the best way to fix this? Shave the shaft? Washers as spacers?

Also I started testing my gauges, tach, temp, volts, work well. The oil pressure gauge is off, I think the pressure is probably fine, but it reads beyond 80. Does an automotive oil pressure sensor differ from marine? That might be the issue.

Also working on getting the tuning situated. Can someone explain where all the breather hoses are supposed to go?

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