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mastercraft by design has me bummed

i purchased a clear decal kit for a x2 off their site for 399.00, and i ordered a few t-shirts as well. i could of bought the tshirts at local dealer but i was already ordering so figured why not. well the shirts arrived but the decal kit was not in the box. i went to their site and used the contact us info......called about 20 times since its arrival thursday, nobody answers, and yes i called during business hours. so i've left them 2 voicemails with my contact info and explaining the situation and 3 emails letting them know the situation........ no response. is this an official mastercraft website and maybe my dealer could help me,? as they have always been above expectation. or maybe somebody on here has a relationship with this company could help me? this is the link to the missing item and the box that the shirt arrived in says box 1 of 1 so wasn't another box that was missing or anything like that.
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