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Originally Posted by XStar08 View Post
In my 2008 XStar there are two through hull intakes, one with two pumps connected, one with one. The question now is where to connect the pump filling the KGB/bow bags. I assume that the KGB is relatively large. Does anybody know how large it is?

My two bow bags are rated 420 each. The two rear bags are 750 each.

Do you think there is a difference in using one pump per through hull/two pumps per through hull regarding fill time.

Thx for your help/inputs
KGB is 500# IIRC.
Hmmmm, my '05 X-star only has one hull intake for the ballast's on the port side.
The one on the starboard side is for the engine's cooling system. Maybe they changed things in '08 and added a second ballast intake?
That being said, all 3 of my pumps suck from one hull intake. I find the sacs fill a bit faster if the boat is just above idle moving forward. This allows the pumps to run faster too since the engine rpm is over 1000.
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