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Well, as a beginner, you're unlikely to be doing whatever TxsRiverRat was doing when he got hit by the ski.

In my experience, the binding hasn't really seemed to matter for beginners. I've got an older ski with a single-size wrap binding that works very nicely, and one of the Connelly Big Daddy skis with the floppy "slide the heel cup forward until it fits your foot" bindings. The floppy binding doesn't feel as secure when turning hard (I can feel my foot slide around in it a little bit), but it really doesn't make a big difference in my skiing. Of course, I don't try skiing the course either.

By the way, this style of ski works great for beginners, and skis pretty nicely for intermediate free-skiing as well. The size helps pop you out of the water easily, and you can still lean it over and cut pretty hard. If you can find one used, buy it in a heartbeat (the other Ski manufacturers make similar skis).
1998 Maristar 200VRS
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