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Originally Posted by 02ProstarSammyD View Post
Let me start off with 2 things.

1) Jim doesn't blow off anyone. I've asked him before about the x9 graphics. They are impossible to find. Also probably one of the most informed and helpful members on this board.
2)MC WAS going to release the art to me but they don't own it. The company that does wanted 900 bucks for 2 decals. I told them to spork themselves. The art will have to be completely redone.
3) You might have to be "full service" and create a new one. Otherwise the customer is hosed for 900 or no graphics.
4) Shouldn't be a huge deal to wetsand, etc to get it out. I had a similar issue with my 209 and just created a similar sized graphic. This could be done the same way.

Heres what I did.........and I do have the graphics if you are interested.

and this for the rear to match better
and for the rear? I think we need to make some custom bekinis... with your graphics on the bottom part
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