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Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
Having sold Jasper engines and powertrain products, I can confirm what Jim says about their quality. Definitely on top of the quality level of remanufactured engines. Their facilities are amazingly clean and their employees are treated and paid very well so as to keep them for the long haul. It isn't unusual to find people there for 20-30 years. They really stand behind their warranty, though I'm not certain how that would pertain to products in Costa Rica. Never the cheapest, but always the quality you expect.
I took the tour in '99 and was impressed by the plant. They were just getting into re-manufacture of out-drives and marine transmissions at that time and I ordered a few lower units- well done, like the engines. I wasn't too geeked up about the "engine fire" warning buzzer that started going off about the same time we reached 10,000' on the flight down there, but the pilot was in the Air National Guard at the time, flying Apache helicopters, so I wasn't too worried if he wasn't worried.
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