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I'll have to shoot the valve covers with some clear before I put them on. Thanks for the heads-up.

I placed an order today on amazon for fuel tank hold-down straps, fuel sending unit and gasket, withdrawal tube, and some buna-n rubber to make a gasket out of for the hard plastic rectangle thing that the sending unit and withdrawal tube attach to (don't know what to call it?). Either way, I removed that whole assembly and couldn't find a replacement gasket from moeller, so I'm making my own.

Also ordering the fuel hose from skidim today. The fuel tank is a bit varnish-y even after trying to dissolve the crap in fresh gas. There are no 'chunks' or anything, so I'm planning on running 2 inline fuel filters before the fuel/water separator. Hopefully this keeps any crud from hitting the carb.

I'm also shopping for an alternator that costs less than the $211 from skidim. If anyone knows of a place that's got a better deal, let me know...

Sorry about the lack of pictures. I'm storing the boat in my parents' garage while I'm working on it, since it protects me from a deadly onslaught of mosquitos (for the most part), and haven't been out there with my camera. I should get some more pictures of what I'm working on this weekend.

Oh ya! Before I forget...

Does anyone know if there is a return fuel line on a 351w that is only using a mechanical fuel pump?

I do know for 100% certainty that there was not one on there when I got the boat. However, there was also an automotive carb, alternator, and starter...and the fuel tank mounting straps were 'improvised', suggesting that they had taken the fuel tank out before.

So does anyone know if that is necessary?
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