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I have a 09 206. So my opinion on styling and quality is going to be pro nautique, but I have loved MC for years and still do.

For me I bought a ski quality first boat that could kinda be a cross over boat. I fully expect, with proper ballast to be able to creat a decent wakeboard and surf wake. They will not be in the realm of a top notch big v drive boat but will more then sufficient wakeboard wake to teach my kids and surf for fun.

I would say the advantages of the 216 over a smaller DD is obviously more space, and better wake for anything other then skiing, with it being a completely respectable recreational ski boat. You also still keep the awesome driving characteristics of a DD boat.

If recreational skiing is a significant factor in what you will do with the boat I think it is a perfect choice. If skiing is a almost non factor then I think you should look for a v drive boat if for no other reason then more user friendly layout.
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