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So you're saying that in slalom skiing you would adjust your speed so the skier "sees" the water at 34 mph, regardless of current... As opposed to setting the boat to 34 mph over the bottom.

What you are saying does not escape me - but in slalom or jump you're going to compensate so that your speed over bottom is fixed, therefore lack of current compensation does not matter for these events - of course you are going to feel like you are going fast or slow, but unlike trick or wakeboarding, or surfing where you can adjust your speed to give you the "water speed" you want, in slalom or jump you would not do so.

8.05 Boat Speeds
All speeds are “speeds over the bottom”; compensate in all cases where a current
exists. The boat path in all events is intended to be a straight line, run at a constant
speed. Variation in speed during any pass may not exceed ± .8 kph (.5 mph), except
during the second segment in the jump course when using the optional faster second
segment option. In the Slalom and Jumping events, the recorded times through the
timing segments must also be within the applicable tolerances. (See Rules 9.06,
9.17, 10.06, 10.17, and 11.06, and the Timing Tolerances Tables.)
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