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Originally Posted by Thrall View Post
Yeah, that's why I'm publicizing it! haha
Nope, just got picked to run a bridge construction project on the North Slope for the next 2 winters...brrrrrrrrrrr and with the better part of 9 months in the office in Anchorage doing planning for the project seemed like a great opportunity to see Alaska. Plus it's a good opportunity career wise as well.

Good idea on the fuel pump and damp rid in the intake. If I was in a dry climate I'd just pinch the fuel line, run 'er out of gas and call it good, but Seattle is FAR from that.
Crap I got a buncha work to do to the boat still.
Yeah, like I believe the location you show. Right.

You don't want to pinch the fuel lines- the jacket is orange fiberglass, but inside, it has stainless braid and Teflon. OTOH, you could always separate the lines from the fuel rail and pump, blow any gas out and reconnect them. As long as you can purge the pump and fuel rail, you should be fine. The hard lines are stainless.
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