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Originally Posted by wakeX2wake View Post
my favorite was an older "gentleman" at a gas station once had an out and out argument with me over the top speed of my boat to which point i had to just walk away. it went something like this:

him: sharp boat there son.
me: thank you, its a fun toy.
him: what kind of motor does that thing have in it.
me: its a 350 indmar. basically same block that's in my truck (2007 5.7L tundra).
him: bet that dude's pretty fast then.
me: haha not really... top speed is about 40.
him: naaaa it'll go faster than that.
me: haha naaa 40 is about it.
him: you're telling me all you can get out of a 350 is 40mph?
me: (growing annoyed with his tone) haha yep... 40 is it for this boat.
him: sounds to me like you don't know how to drive it then.
me: (highly annoyed at this point) i would say i'd love for you to show me how to drive my boat sometime but that would just be a lie.
him: sounds like you need to learn a thing or two about it
me: naa i'm pretty dang sure there's not a thing in this world you could teach me about driving my boat faster but you have a good day.

i probably lost a good opportunity to educated part of the masses about the design and purpose of inboard boats but i felt my efforts would be quickly lost.
Nice level of restraint.........must have caught you on a good day.

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