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Originally Posted by walterlaughlin View Post
Hello, I have a 95 Maristar with a LT1 and a v-drive. I took it to the mechanic a while back to change the fluids etc to get it ready for summer. The mechanic noticed water in the v-drive fluid-basically it looked like a milkshake. So I had him flush the unit several times and then fill it up with ATF. I took the boat to the lake today for its shakedown cruise. I put it in the water, fired it up, took the truck to the parking lot, then idled out a couple hundred yards from the ramp. Then I checked the v-drive dipstick, and sure enough, another milkshake. Any ideas on what is causing this? Thanks
Did you have excessive water in bilge that covered the vdrive unit? Either your mechanic failed to flush all the water or you possibly have a leaking cooler.
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