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I have a '95 Prostar with the TBI engine. It has been a very good slalom boat for me skiing between 22 and 32 off at 34mph. It tracks well, handles chop, and is very dependable.

I installed a winged rudder from a later model Prostar. This helped provide some lift to the stern which reduced the rooster tail and flattened the wake a bit. It rides best with a crew weight of 490 to 550 lbs. Any lighter and the bow rides too far out of the water. Any heavier and it plows through the water.

Overall it is a great boat. There are better slalom wakes from the '94 but the spray can be a real hazard in a light breeze at shorter line lengths. If I could choose I would go with the '94 if I could find one with EFI or repower it with a modern MPFI engine.

As a family boat you always have the debate of open vs closed bow. The Prostar 205s of the same years have just about as good of slalom wake but an open bow.
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