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Originally Posted by JimN View Post
Have you checked the compression?

ECT- you mean the temperature gauge on the dash? That has nothing to do with what the ECM sees. The ECT you need to check has two wires and you need to check its resistance. If the resistance is high when the engine has been warmed up, it's bad.

The timing mark should be rock steady if the engine has been put in diagnostic mode. If it moves, it's either not in diagnostic mode or the shaft bushing may be worn.

How old are the cap, rotor and plug wires?
I pulled the correct temp sensor out (with the 2 wires) and tested resistance at 10deg C intervals up to 90degC and it was fine. A few ohms out from spec or the thermometer I was using was a little out, but either way it was registering HOT.

Engine was in Diagnostic mode at 1000rpm. How do I check the shaft bush, which shaft? the distributer shaft I assume?

Cap rotor and plug wires are origional - 270 hrs on a 2001 boat
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