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Originally Posted by bturner2 View Post
Here we go again on the MCX / RTP comparisons. Dyno sheets don't lie and if the execrations made by Indmar and other engine manufactures are true (as stated in another recent post) then your extra 10 - 15HP you get from the MCX (all at high RPM BTW) are not going to make any real noticeable difference in hole shot or what a boat can pull. Take this with the fact that we're talking about a 197 that weighs nothing compared to a x25 or a x30 and I'd have a hard time believing that the RTP wouldn't do well in this set up.

Would I rather have the MCX in two identical boats for sale at the same or very close price..... sure. Would it stop me from buying a boat of this size with an RTP..... no. I wonder how many people could actually pick the MCX out in a Pepsi challenge between boats. There are so many factors that go into overall performance when setting up a boat. With that little difference in HP a good prop versus a not so good prop could make up the difference in performance.
RTP is a big deterrent for me for slalom. Not so much if it is inan x1 or x2 for boarding. The torque and HP curves have been posted here before
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