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There is a nice course not far from me at all and it is hidden in a nice calm area. You can usually find someone there. I believe they even have a clinic out there once a year. I went out last year and checked it out and there were several kids getting some lessons. It was fun to watch.

On Aquapalooza, I wish they would bring that back the way it used to be. They still have a version of it, but it is not like it was before where you can just pull the boat up and tie up together and listen to some good music. It is now called Ampapalooza, I believe, bc it is held at the Amphitheater. I believe it is about $15 on land and in order to moore up on first three rows, you have to be a sponsor. I did not go last year, but I did hear that it was still pretty good. I would just prefer to ride up in the boat and do it that way, as that is part of the fun to me.

@BoardNBama, where on LM do you visit? Maybe I should ask, at what ramp do you normally put in? What kind of "boardn" do you do?
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