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Not big on waiting... have started testing.
Battery Voltage engine off - 12.7v. Engine on tested 13.5v ( I think) last week.

Grey Wire to earth 5V,
Resistance to earth: 0.73
resistance across Blue to White pins on actual TPS Idle=2.16, WOT=6.19

MAP sensor:
Gray wire 5V
Resistance to earth 0.73
resistance from Black pin to Green pin 5.44

JimN: Read from other posts that manual is available and will order. Freight is more than book costs and 2 to 3 weeks wait.

I have heard of that mythical creature who knows how to maintain a GM V8 motor and who is not scared of it being in a boat... jokes aside yes I know a mechanic who will do it but again 2 to 3 weeks wait and expect huge $$$$. supply and demand

Rigged a tyre pressure guage to test fuel pressure, 25psi at idle but was leaking a little and I did not want too much fuel floating arround...... so I stopped.
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