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Originally Posted by FourFourty View Post
Torque is what they measure to determine the horsepower. The Ilmore engines do not rev higher, so the "peak" torque would be higher on the Ilmore. Horsepower is just a measurement of torque/time.

The torque curve would be a hard one to find..... you would need dyno sheets from each manufacturer. I would guess that they would be very similar, but that doesn't necessarily mean they actually are.
Agree on all that. My guess is the Ilmore version of each engine does indeed have more torque than Indmar since it produces more horsepower without a higher redline, but theoretically the Ilmore could produce crappy torque at low rpm but then produce higher torque at higher rpm ranges than its Indmar comparison. If that were true it would produce more HP but would likely feel sluggish getting on plane...

Rather than go all geeky and look for curves, anyone have direct experience with identical hulled MC but one powered by Indmar and one powered by Ilmore? Does the Ilmore feel materially stronger? In the end that's what I care about... Not how it's rated but how it pulls.
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