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Originally Posted by kgrove View Post
Anyone have comps on torque and torque curves for Ilmore vs Idmar and others? I don't suppose CARB looks at those.

I had been looking at making the 6.0 a requirement for my next boat, but that was based on my experience with the Indmar 5.7 (MCX is great for my current boat, but my next boat will be bigger). Knowing the Ilmore 5.7 has more power than the Indmar I'm used to might put an Ilmore 5.7 back in the mix as an acceptable and more affordable choice.

Torque is what they measure to determine the horsepower. The Ilmore engines do not rev higher, so the "peak" torque would be higher on the Ilmore. Horsepower is just a measurement of torque/time.

The torque curve would be a hard one to find..... you would need dyno sheets from each manufacturer. I would guess that they would be very similar, but that doesn't necessarily mean they actually are.
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