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Thanks for the bleach tip, I'll be giving it a shot tomorrow, hopefully I'll get a warm day this weekend to try and do some super scrubbing on the carpet.

No real updates I have the bilge area squeaky clean and have a pretty much all the the parts I've removed cleaned up and ready for paint and plate. I'll post pics of the finished parts soon.

Just around 6 weeks to my goal of being seaworthy and I'm starting to stress, My engine options are slim and expensive. I'm leaning towards re-powering with a brand new PCM engine because I'm told it will work with the analog gauge system and will run w/o a catalytic converter. but that is going to be nearly 10K installed and dialed in.

I have a line on a used 2005 MCX, but I have to convert from analog to digital throttle and gauges add another 2k to a 3500 dollar engine with an unknown history and I'm thinking the reliability of the PCM will be worth the extra money.

If I could find an LTR intake manifold I'd consider a longblock, and piece back the old engine, but that reliability issue of the fuel injection and the prospect of a bunch of NLA parts rears it's ugly stinking head again.

Last but not least I have a 4bolt main 350 block and a set of heads It's tempting to build my self a carburated motor for under 1000.00, but would still have to get the instrument in the dash to function, and I really want to keep the resale value of this boat in the event I want to try something different down the road.
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