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"Eric, does that mean the 13x14.5 is the (common) stock prop on the 197's these days? Even 6.0L's? Im guessing youre referring to the SN200/Acme1868 (12.5x14.25) running very high RPM, which was the stock prop on the Excal (350) boats... though now Ive heard CC is going to the slightly larger 654 (12.5x15). Its been my experience that OJ's run slightly lower RPM vs. Acmes of the same dimensions for whatever reason. A prop with 14.5" pitch sure seems short for a 6.0L though... one would think it would need a larger wheel to keep from bouncing off the rev limiter at WOT. Ive seen 6.0L 196's run right up to the 5600 limit with 12.5x15.5 Acmes. Not sure where Ilmore puts the limiter, but assume it would be similar."

Yes, even the 6.0's and they don't get on the limiter with that prop. Yes. I was refering to that set up. I have run our 13 X 15 4-blade on those with lower RPM than the stock or even the new prop they went to. Run a lower pitch on the 5.7. The 196 is a different animal than the new hull, seems to have a bit more drag.
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