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PT 1999 ProStar - I had a 197 with the 5.7 engine with a power slot, and mine maxed out at about 43.5 MPH. Add a footer in tow and it might lose 1-2. Yes, the tower will help with the upward pull...but a Skylon for $300 works just as well if you don't want to add $2-4k to your cost.

I found that rather than trying to find the one boat that does it all (which doesn't exist), it was easier to be happy with my 197 as a ski boat, and I bought an outboard Barefoot Sanger to foot behind. Speed is no longer an issue (60 mph) and the wake is phenominal. You can often find a handful of Outboard Sangers, FlightCrafts, and Barefoot 200s for sale throughout the year. The challenge is all will be old, so you may have to live with less then perfection, or take your time looking. I spent 3 years looking before I found one that the wife really liked.
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