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Originally Posted by milkmania View Post
did that with a Lincoln town car....but I had enough sense to keep my cell phone nearby... BUT, I did not have enough sense to keep it within a foot of my reach

can't say that I crawled away from that one unscratched
well i will share a near miss. I was changing oil on my corvette ... front wheels on ramps but the oil drain plug is on the front of the oil pan so what do you do ... jack up the rear ... i should have used jack stands on the rear ...

The oil filter would not come off so i was yanking it hard ... hard enough for the car to roll back down the ramp ... luckily my cat like reflexes allowed me to roll out of the way before i got squashed ... as the oil bucket did. So there goes the car now rolling out of the garage, back end up on the jack (yes i was stupid and did not use the jackstands that i had to move out of the way to get to the jack) and did i mention the smashed oil bucket ... so there is now 5+ quarts of oil all over the garage floor

Besides humiliating myself (wife and kids came running as i was yelling) i did save $20 on that oil change!
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