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Need some help in Jersey

Hey Everyone-
During my exhaustive search for a new boat (X7, 197TT, or 214), I've been scouring websites for "out of the way opportunities". I stumbled on a new broker in Newark NJ. They have a bunch of high end boats for REALLY good prices. Well, one of the photos was of a boat that I recognised from The Team MC forums. I contacted the individual to find out if they had indeed sold their boat, which they had not. He contacted them and was told they just used pics to represent the boat they were brokering. I have spoken with them and I'm more uncomfortable because English is definitely a second language for them. Anyway, if anyone is is the Newark area, can you check out Jardims Marine at 604 Market St in Newark? Google maps seems to show an area that wouldn't be a boat dealer. But they say they're a boat broker and they are new (website date 2013). I'd hate for anyone to get suckered buying a new MC. And personally, I hate someone getting my hopes up on a great deal for my new boat like this.
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