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Originally Posted by MikeyOrange88 View Post
Just finishing up a carpet install as well on my Tristar. Having an issue getting the removable center panels back into their openings. Wondering if you had any similar issues? The new carpet is wrapped around the edges and glued to the bottom side and the openings have the carpet turned down one inch into the opening. Same way the original carpet came out. I used Corinthian carpet, 22 oz. (slightly heavier than original?) so I figured it would be snug. But the forward panel I had to force into the opening and it still is not down flush all the way and it is bowed in the middle due to forcing into the opening using a hammer and wood block. Dang that thing is tight.

If you did the carpet yourself, what weight carpet did you use? I thought I read all of the carpet/rehab posts but didn't see that issue come up before. Like the dark gray you used though. I went with a gray patterned carpet in lieu of the original dark navy blue that came out.
I redid my TriStar carpet although not as heavy weight as yours. As I recall I used soapy water or maybe KY on the edges of the panel. They slid in quite easily. (OK, OK, no jokes needed! )
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