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that sucked the door closed. I slammed my fingers in the door. I remember every second of the door trying to suck closed over and over again while my senile mother scrambled in her purse for 2 minutes to find her keys. Dumped it all over the parking lot and then finally realized they were in her jacket. Total time with hand slammed in door was prob 4 minutes.
2005 – I had a trailer jack give way amd the trailer landed on my foot, breaking all my toes.
Had a jack give on a jeep putting a lift in. I was under the jeep but ALWAYS place the tires under the body as a backup measure. Think I had one tiny bruise but was more butt hurt that I was stuck under the jeep for 30 minutes before my wife got home from the store. I was even more butt hurt when I realized she didn't know how to use a jack.
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